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First Anniversary of Thriftfulness!: Sweet Yes Tea Party

14 Apr

Note: Today, my blog is one year old. Happy birthday blog. I made you some springtime sweets. Thanks readers for continuing to read.

When I was a young’n, one of my favorite things to play outside was “Feed the President” with my cousins. I guess we chose him because he was the most important person we could think of, although we might not have actually known who “The President” was. We would walk down to my Grandma and Grandpa’s house and Grandma would give us empty butter tubs and jam jars to prepare our “meals” in. It was always a decadent multi-course affair: grass salad, ditch-water soup, pinecones wrapped in dirty empty candy-wrappers that we found in the woods. We had dead leaves for plates, twigs for silverware, but dessert was the best part because sometimes for dessert, Grandma would make actual food! Blueberries and milk with sugar were my favorite, so tasty that we ate Mr. President’s helping too…

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Welcome to Thriftfulness

11 Apr

Hello! Come in!  If you’re looking for gift ideas, you’re in the right place. If you’re penniless, careless, dull, and/or lazy and you’ve still managed to get yourself invited to a dinner party, baby shower, or other engagement requiring presents with your presence, you’re really in the right place. Look here for crafty and thrifty gift ideas that require care though not necessarily a lot of money or skill. Enjoy my friend. And feel free to get back to me with your own ideas or versions of these gifts.



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