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It’s for my…Vitamins: Thrifted Pill Case

5 May

I found this vintage pill case at a yard sale a few years ago. I love the flowered pattern on the front of the case and the trippy circles on the back:

It reminds me of something one of Don Draper’s girlfriends might carry around in her clutch. Of course it would probably be filled with some sort of barbiturate to be taken at martini o’clock whilst lounging on a fainting couch, but it’s still classy looking. Sort of.

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Oops, I Card-ed.

13 Nov

November is a big month for the fam. Thanksgiving, Mom & Dad’s anniversary, and three birthdays, one of which is MINE. I could drop $18 at Walgreens in the talking card section (and don’t get me wrong, I love me some Hoops & Yo Yo), but I’ve got paper and glue and scissors right here in my apartment. So I’m going to take the higher road to expressing my sentiments on paper, and spend my thought and time instead of my money. Suck it Hallmark.

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Summer Fun for a Song (and by song I mean movie title)

26 Aug

Note:  Do you usually only get through the first paragraph of my rant before you move on to Awkward Family Photos? Stick with it til the end this time and find out how to win a Thriftfulness prize (don’t just scroll, I’ll know)!

Besides the thighs on hot vinyl conundrum (sticky thighs…it ain’t a bbq recipe), I love summer. The smell of the inside of tents, wild flowers and charred hot dogs. Bare and filthy feet. Icee pops by the bulk section boxload. And the best part about summer is that it’s free to be outside! There are so many fun things to do that don’t cost a chunk of hot sweaty change. And we’ve got to get our Summer Fun in while the gettin’ is good!  We don’t have much longer before it’s time to unpack the thick socks again.

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Wrapper’s Delight: Cloth Covered Necklace

22 Jan

Winter. Boo. It’s getting to that point in the season where the gloomy gray skies and the heating bills and Conan going off the air are really starting to bring people down. So I’ve been thinking all week about pick-me-up gifts. Little things we can give to our family and friends that aren’t a big deal, but maybe put a little spunk back in their step (remember the English-dubbed Pippi Longstocking movie: SPUUUUUUUUNK!). But I had the grumps all week, which tends to zap your creativity. Luckily, while perusing the Craft blog a few days ago, I came across a tutorial for beaded fabric necklaces from a neat little blog called Pretty Ditty. I say luckily, because you guys were this close to getting a post about how to throw a pity party, called The Gift You Give Yourself: put on sweat pants, whisper “table for one” every time you sit down to eat, check all the Facebook status updates of people that are generally better at life than you are, etc. It wasn’t a pretty post.

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Parker Brothers Beware: The Song Game

28 Apr


I’m a board game lover. Started with Candyland, moved into Taboo, Trivial Pursuit, and Scattegories and will keep moving right into puzzles when people start refusing to play with me. The hard part is, the prices of some of these games can leave you with no money for snacks and, honestly, who wants to come over if you’re not serving snacks?

Luckily, I grew up the best kind of poor kid: with the delusion that we weren’t buying things because it was “more fun!” to make them ourselves. The jig was up when I realized it wasn’t “fun” to wear knitted Easter vests that closely resembled the afghan I used to have on my bed; but I did come away with one actual recipe for fun and that is The Song Game.

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The Gift of…Lists

26 Apr

Sounds a little half-baked, I know. But there is a lot of STUFF out there. Hilarious videos, epic novels, and dirty jokes galore. Sometimes just listing them and letting someone know they exist is a gift in itself. Lists can be tailored to anyone in any situation:

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