About the Author

Annie was persuaded by her mother from an early age to believe that being broke was fun. She spent her childhood devouring bologna and ketchup sandwiches and S’mlesses (graham cracker and marshmallow minus the chocolate) and learning to get creative with the resources she had available. Now, as an adult, she writes a blog about thrifty but thoughtful gift giving, homemaking and entertaining. She fancies herself the MacGyver of the domestic sphere. Just let her be.

Annie is an unemployed librarian by day (and by night). She has also written a yet-to-be-published children’s novel titled Ida the Seventh Snicklefritz: Pursuit of the Extraordinary. If you would like to read it please visit the Microsoft Word Documents folder on her laptop or, if you have the means, publish it for her.

Annie lives in Detroit, Michigan with her hunka hunka burnin’ husband, Mike, and her rags-to-riches cat Barb.

She doesn’t usually write in third person but it seemed like the thing to do.

Contact her @: thriftinlady@gmail.com. Or follow her on Twitter!: @ThriftinLady.


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