We’ll Hot Glue Your Bulbs, Together!: Holiday Ornaments Part 1

7 Dec

Guys, I found my hot glue gun! Annie got her gun. Maaaa ha.

I had a sneaking suspicion it was in our storage room, but to get there, I have to go outside and down creepy steps and into a musty dark room that may or may not be a huge cardboard condominium space for mice, and I just wasn’t in the mood, thankyouverymuch, to venture down there. But after some time (it was a full week) of trying to use inferior glue for my projects, I mustered up the courage and charged on over, making sure to bring a thwapping stick to ward off any potential critters. I came back with my gun PLUS a folder of old collages I made. I am excellent at making collages. But never mind that. On with the show!

The return of my old pal Glue Gun inspired me to make some awesome holiday ornaments for my fam and friends. Tree ornaments make excellent gifts for the following reasons:

  • Who doesn’t love hanging up ornaments and remembering the person that gave it to them fondly? That fondly remembered person could be you. Do it for the glory.
  • Ornaments make for thoughtful keepsakes, but the giftee doesn’t have to find a place to put it all-year long. Folks don’t like having to dig through their nasty dark storage rooms to find all the crap you made for them and display it every time you come over. There’s always space for a new ornament. And always an appropriate time to take it down until next year.
  • This one’s the clincher: ornaments are super cheap and easy to make and/or personalize.

In this post, I’m going to focus exclusively on fun with glass bulbs and I have to begin with one of my two amazing Internet discoveries this week: you can pour floor cleaner into a glass bulb and then shake glitter up in there and it will stick! The other discovery is a soft-serve swirl of two of my favorite things: Ryan Gosling and libraries. I’ll give you a moment to dwell on that dreamy, sneezy face.

Ok, back to work. It’s really easy to make these:

Here’s what you need:

  • Empty glass bulbs (from a craft store, between $3-$5 for 6), clean of dust or floaty crap
  • Glitter
  • Floor cleaner (I just used all purpose lemon cleaner)
  • Paper towel or a rag
Open the glass bulb by taking the little metal thingy off. Pour in the floor cleaner and swirl it around so that it covers the entire inside of the bulb. Dump any excess cleaner out and be careful not to make bubbles, yo.
Next, pour in the glitter and swirl it around so that it covers the inside of the bulb. That’s it. Then put your top back on (put the metal thingy on first then pop the wire thing in so you don’t scratch your glitter off).
If you want to dress them up, take a metallic pen and write the name of the person your gifting on the bulb. You could also write the year, or “Merry Kiss Moose”, or “Last Christmas. World is ending in 2012”. Whatever you like. I went with names:

Then I got even more creative (read: found my glue gun) and decided to up the ante. I made a green glitter bulb. Green like the Grinch.

Then, since Grinchy-poo’s heart grew 3 sizes, I cut out three felt hearts and sewed them together.

Then I HOT GLUED that sucker onto the green bulb. Stink.Stank.Stunk!  Grinch ornament. I reaallllly ammmmmm a heeeeel!

If you’re glitter-less, which you should not be, you can always just stuff stuff into the glass bulbs. For my niece who was a flower girl in my wedding, I tucked some pink ribbon and some flower/wedding confetti into a bulb. It turned out quite cute. The ribbon moves around of it’s own will but always looks neat and she’ll be able to shake the confetti around, not to mention remember how awesome her aunt is every year, until the ribbon gets old and shriveled and the confetti bleached from sunlight and her kids will be like, “What IS this ugly thing?” and she’ll say, “Once, I was a little girl, just like you and I was a beautiful flower girl in the best wedding ever. And maybe then they will go on some sort of magical journey together having to do with bringing confetti to people in need.

I also have a friend who lives in the South and misses the snow and Michigan in general this time of year. So I clipped a piece of my Christmas tree, doused the ends in glitter and shoved it in my last glass bulb.

Then I hot glued (!!!) a felt Michigan on it. It looks so pretty. Look at it on the tree. Now I just have to figure out how to mail it.

Is anyone else exhausted from looking at pictures of amazing ornaments? I can’t concentrate anymore because “Total Eclipse of the Heart” is on my Pandora station. So I’m going to leave you with these bulbs of wisdom and beauty for now and we’ll talk more in Part 2 of my Holiday ornament posts. It’s got robots in it.


One Response to “We’ll Hot Glue Your Bulbs, Together!: Holiday Ornaments Part 1”

  1. Jocelyn December 7, 2011 at 2:58 pm #

    I never would have guessed that floor cleaner was the way to go to get glitter to stick. Love your ornaments!


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