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Barb’s Book Corner: Good Poems

21 Nov

Oh geez, Barb has been a Pukey Patti this week, so we’ve had a lot of post-vomit cuddling time to read (me) and gaze absently at a paper pile of meaningless symbols while swallowing back regurgitated salmon-y flavored niblets (her). Like this:

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How to Pack a Perfect Picnic

19 May

Picnic-ing is one of my favorite things and an event I think everyone should have on their spring and summer to-do list. Whether it’s a romantic plan with your lovah,  an impromptu lunch break with your girlfriends, or you just made sandwiches for your messy kids and don’t want them to spill mustard on the carpet, a picnic is a great idea. It’s getting outside, it’s putting down your iPhone, it’s enjoying food without any distractions so you actually taste the food. It’s a picking blades of grass, having someone braid your hair, staring at the sky, deep conversation kind of time. And you should do it. You should go have a picnic right now.

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Off-Topic: Good Books

5 Aug

It’s officially August. Soon enough, the air will be turning a little bit cooler, the streetlights turning on just a little bit earlier, and the crazy ice cream man who parks his truck in front of your neighbor’s house and plays “Moon River” for hours on end is coming around just a little bit less. Summer, before we know it, will be on it’s way out.

Of course, while we dab the remaining calamine lotion on the last of this year’s mosquito bites, we remember that it’s not only the humongous flies that are dying…summer romances all across the nation are coming to an end. Like Danny Zuko said, “It turned colder, that’s where it ends. So I told her we’d still be frie-e-ends.”

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