I Lettered in Crafts: Just Married Banner

6 Oct

If there’s anything I love more than my brand new husband…mmm, nope, there isn’t. Let’s say if there’s anything I love more than… buttered saltines, that’s pretty far up there.

Okay, if there’s anything I love more than buttered saltines, it’s awesome banners. I love the banner-worthy event that had to occur in order to necessitate a banner. I love how it takes two or more people to hang them (that’s cooperation!). I love the way that, in movies and television shows, half of the banner will fall down right after a character ruins a surprise party.

After my luck at Thanksgiving I decided to whip one up for my weddin’ day too. Except this time, I was looking for something a little faster than cutting the letters out of felt and embroidering them on, so I opted to paint the letters on with homemade stencils instead.

Here’s what I Had:

  • Old fabric from thrift stores and old pillowcases
  • An abundance of empty cereal boxes because we collect recycling, but never quite seem to make it the recycling center more often than twice a year.
  • Scissors
  • Paint
  • Foam brush
  • Ribbon to hang banner (you can also use string, shoelaces tied together, used dental floss)
  • Loretta Lynn record (I like to listen to Loretta when I do “domestic arts” because I like to pretend I’m livin’ in a shack next to the coal mine, darnin’ socks for my thirteen kids)
Here’s What I Did:
First I cut up the old cereal boxes and drew the letters onto them. I just freehanded the font, but you could always blow letters up on the Interweb and trace them:
Then I cut the letters out with my scissors, although an exacto knife would have probably worked better. But I was too lazy to look for my exacto knife. I did take the time to leave a little attachment so that the hole in the D didn’t fall out. See below:
After the cutting was done, I laid all the stencils out on the floor and cut mis-matched squares out of my old fabric for each letter:
I hand-stitched a little loop in the top of each fabric square for the ribbon to be strung through. It’s easy. Just fold over an inch or two of fabric on the top and stitch a straight line right across. Finally, I taped the stencils to the fabric squares and painted each letter on, then cleverly arranged the squares on my Ikea drying rack so they spelled Made It. I may be a genius after all.
Looks like I also lettered in, Makin’ It. Eh, eh???
After those suckers dried, I strung some ribbon through ’em. The day before The Day, hubs and I hung it up in the barn. It looked pretty awesome to us. Then photographer, Alicia Gbur, took a picture of it and it looked amazing:
Wa wa wee wa. Loretta Lynn would be proud. She would probably even write a song about it called Barn Weddin’ and it would have a lyric like, “We got hitched in the ol’ barn. I’s already 6 months a’long. Momma made a banner outta cloth. Daddy made a scene because he was a drunk.”
I’ll stick to banners, I s’pose.

One Response to “I Lettered in Crafts: Just Married Banner”

  1. Anne October 6, 2011 at 6:54 pm #

    Buttered saltines! We used to eat those at our tea parties when I was a kid. I love the banner – you did such a nice job! And I will never stop being envious of your ability to freehand. 🙂

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