Thriftfulness Home: A New Home For Ma’ War Paint

29 Jan

There’s an old Lorrie Morgan song called “War Paint” about (and this is just me attempting to interpret the many complex metaphors of this song) putting on makeup in order get back out “on the path” to pick up a new man. Battle preparation, getting ready for the bar, same thing really.

My own collection of war paint was outgrowing the travel-size carrying case I was holding it in. And we all know you can’t keep war paint locked away. If I wanted to be prepared for the war path (AKA, dinner date with my fiance), I was going to have to have my eyeliner at the ready. What I really needed was a Kaboodle, but I had given my last one of those away around the same time Lorrie Morgan married her fourth husband. What’s a warrior/girl to do?

Conveniently, I had an old thrift-store jewelry box lying around that was too small for my jewelry (battle rocks?) collection but just big enough for my war paint.

The only bad thing was that my blush brushes, powders and lipsticks wouldn’t fit in the tiny little compartments on the top shelf. So, being the impatient, careless person that I am, I thought, “I’ll just rip them out!”

Gross. With all the dust and sticky whatever floating around from the four or five preceding owners of this jewelry box, I certainly wasn’t going to just throw my delicate war paint in there and end up getting toxic crap on my face while I…knowingly applied toxic crap to my face.

Resourceful Challenge! What did I have around the house that could cover this nastiness? Answer: an old cereal box and a magazine.

I measured the dirty tray and cut out a piece of cardboard from an old cereal box to fit it. Good thing we recycle but never actually take our recycling to the recycling center! It fit perfectly.You know my self esteem issues about cutting and measuring so you can imagine my pride. PS: I looked up the nutritional facts of Raisin Bran Crunch and it is way worse than regular old Raisin Bran so if you’re thinking it’s  healthy just because it says “bran”, save yourself the denial and just get Froot Loops.

Then I looked through magazine pages and found the little lady in the picture above. I thought it would look nice because the color of her dress matched the fabric on the inside of the jewelry box. PS: I deliberately took the picture of the magazine picture at an angle that would make the model look a little hip-py. Take that fashion industry!

Lastly I simply craft-glued the picture to the cardboard, then glued the whole thing into the top of the box!:

Beautimous! Here’s how it looks with the war paint inside:

Although I made this for myself, I thought it might make a great gift for any lady that laments the end of the Kaboodle days. And since it’s so cheap to make (I had everything lying around, but one of these jewelry boxes only costs a few bucks at thrift stores), you could even afford to throw in a few lipglosses (anger sticks) or an eyelash curler (ancient battle torture device). I’m puttin’ on ma’ waaaaaar paint!

I tried to find Ms. Morgan’s video for this and was unsuccessful, but I DID find the lip-sync stylings of SuzDramaQueen1 for your viewing pleasure. May your war path be fruitful ladies.


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