Back to the November: Thanksgiving Recap

9 Dec

I know it’s jeeeeest about getting to panic time for the holiday season, at least for us craftsters who planned on hand-whittling the  state birds for each second cousin this year. But if you could all take a moment to think back in time, to those days before you swore off the shopping mall after getting in a fist fight with your sister over Tickle Me Mickey or whatever that thing is; before you stopped speaking with your in-laws over holiday schedule disputes; before you got too drunk at the office Winter Festival party and embarassed yourself again. Way back to a day called Thanksgiving. Ah, weren’t things easier then?

Here are some photos from my turkey day, which I hosted for the very first time. Keep them in mind for next year’s Thanksgiving…if you have any friends or family left by that time.

Here’s a shot of me just a bastin’ away. Very professional looking I think.

The cornucopia, filled with real fruit! My beau filled this so I can’t take credit but please notice the kirigami ornamentation underneath the Horn of Plenty, which I made.

Above, we see the banner I made out of pillow cases and felt (no applause necessary) and the Thanksgiving table, covered with an old curtain that I hemmed into a tablecloth, dried leaves, and pumpkins that my future mother-in-law grew, which I covered in glitter. The only way this table setting could get any cheaper is if it was covering one of the old mattresses my neighbors so elegantly propped up against the side of their house (Note for the thrifting impaired: NEVER take old mattresses. Gross.).

Here is a close-up of the the table.

Here is a close-up of one of the pumpkins. Ah, beautimous.

This is a photograph of a few of my guests enjoying a delightful Thanksgiving tale that I checked out from the library. For the smaller guest, it was her very first Thanksgiving experience.

A great time was had. The food, miraculously, turned out wonderfully. The decorations, lovely. The Lions- well, nothing’s perfect. Here’s a quick re-cap on how I saved money:

  • Old curtains and pillowcases for decoration instead of new tablecloths and costly banners.
  • Table settings from nature like dried leaves and pumpkins.
  • Real fruit (not less expensive but edible!) for the cornucopia.
  • Thanksgiving themed library books for the tots to peruse.
  • Most importantly, do it potluck-style. You can’t skimp on the eats, but you can always ask guests to bring a dish to pass.

Alright, back to your winter holiday stress-frenzy. The time warp is over.


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