All A-Board Game: Arts & Scraps Pirate Bounty

27 Oct

I know that I’ve missed Talk Like A Pirate Day so stop your lily-livered yappin. Me thinks any day is sufficient for celebratin’ pirates.

I was inspired to make a pirate-themed gift for me land-lubbin’ mateys (the scally wags…) when I docked at the landlocked little gem of Detroit, Arts & Scraps.

Arts & Scraps is a hearty organization that takes donated recycled materials and uses them to help kids and grown-ups alike “think, create, and learn”. They make kits out of their scraps that kids can use to make wonderful art. They also throw birthday parties, hang student art up in their gallery, host field trips, AND have an entire fabric room stuffed to the gills with fabric. Well, shiver me timbers!!!!

When this little lassy sauntered into the Arts & Scraps shop and saw that she could fill an entire grocery bag of booty for $7, I knew I’d soon become a Gentleman O’ Fortune. Avast! I hollered. And then I ran out of pirate words and continued to fill my bag o’ booty in silence.

Look at me hearty fortune!

Beautiful fabric including lace and cotton with a Snoopy print that will someday make a beautiful blanket; wrapping paper and unused wallpaper that I can use as wrapping paper (great for more manly gifts); postcards; empty jewelry boxes for homemade jewelry gifts; filmstrips from what appears to be a Latin American educational slideshow; more wallpaper samples; wooden blocks; and wooden flooring samples. 7 bucks! Yo ho ho!

I knew that the wooden flooring samples (or should I say planks! Har har har.) were the perfect size for a game board:

And I could use the wooden blocks as game pieces. But what kind of a board game could I make?

Hmmm..wallpaper samples with anchors and boat steering wheel thingys plus a plank of wood. Avast, the All A-Board Game was born!

Turns out, an All A-Board Game is super simple to make. I cut out my anchors and nautical-like shapes and Mod-Podged them onto the wooden board so that each shape would be a space. I designated one space on a corner of the board the Start/Finish with a trusty permanent marker. Next I glued a cut-out shape onto four different blocks for the game pieces. Because I am a big Pirates of Penzance fan, I simply had to print out the Pirate King, Kevin Kline and his wench Linda Rondstadt for decoration. To complete my board I wrote “Yarrgh”, the name of my game, onto a slip of paper and crumpled it up so it would look rough and tumbly like a pirate, then glued it to the center of the board.

For the final and most important part of the game, which I’ll admit I am still working on, I made the question cards that will move players around the board.  I cut up some index cards and wrote “Yarrgh” on the front and then thought of pirate trivia for the questions for the back. In general, every time a a player gets a question right, they move ahead one space and the player to get back to the  Start/Finish space wins.

Pirate trivia can vary depending on who plays the game.

For the kiddies, a card could read:

  • Give yer best Yo Ho Ho!
  • Draw a Jolly Roger (Skull-and-Crossbones).
  • Try to spell SWASHBUCKLE.
  • Yarrgh! Your ship’s been attacked by the Dreaded Time For Bed Pirates! Ya’ve got ta have a hearty nap and skip yar next turn!
  • Blimey! Ya’ve captured all the queen’s gold! Move ahead 3 spaces!
  • Pick one scally wag and make them walk the plank! (Walk the plank can mean go back to Start or lose a turn)
  • Define a lily-livered landlubber.
  • Do your best pirate impression.
  • Name 3 ship Cap’ns you’ve heard of. (Cap’n Crunch, Johnny Depp, Captain Hook)
  • Do yer best impression of swabbin’ the poop deck.
  • Draw a treasure map.
  • Which of these words does NOT mean treasure or loot? A)Booty B) Chantey C) Swag (ANSWER: B. Chantey means “a sailor’s song”)

For older kids or adults, you can make harder questions and include pop culture pirate trivia. There are lots of pirate movies and stories to work with: Goonies, Peter Pan, Hook (Dustin Hoffman is the scariest pirate ever),The Princess Bride, Pirates of PenzanceCaptain Ron. Here are a few examples:

  • What did the Dread Pirate Robert say to Wesley every night before he went to bed in The Princess Bride? ANSWER: Good work. Sleep Well. I’ll most likely kill you in the morning.
  • What famous Roman was kidnapped by Cicilian pirates in 75 BC? ANSWER: Julius Caesar
  • Blarmey! You’ve been hypnotized by an ol’ sea wench! Every time another matey moves ahead you’ve gotta to do an impression of Sloth from Goonies. Baby Ruth?
  • Chant RUFIO! RUFIO! RUFIO! and move ahead two spaces. (See Annie’s girlhood crush at top who was not a pirate but fought them!)
  • Who said “Frederic, take the dingy!”? ANSWER: Kevin Kline as the Pirate King
  • Take a shot of rum!
  • What happened to Captain Hook’s hand in Peter Pan? ANSWER: An alligator ate it.
  • Which lady pirate told her captain, “If you’d fought like a man you need not hang like a dog” after their ship was captured due to most of the pirates being too drunk to fight? ANSWER: Anne Bonny

There is a ton of information about pirates in your brain and on the vastly hearty interweb. Me thinks it will be easy for you to make this game as a gift or to keep in your home for rainy days. You could even kick it up a notch, pirate style, and make eye patches out of construction paper and yarn for players to wear or make a treasure prize for the end of the game, most likely a bowl of hearty candy. Yar!

I’ll keep swabbin’ away at my own pirate game and in the meantime, sail back to Arts & Scraps for more crafty booty! Until next time lassies! Yarggh!


2 Responses to “All A-Board Game: Arts & Scraps Pirate Bounty”

  1. Ange Arrrrg!! October 27, 2010 at 12:28 pm #

    I love pirates, their language, and all they stand for (mainly parrots, sword to sword combat, and battling for yer booty). Great game/arrrticle idea! Ya’ar awesome Anniee!


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    […] and a marker, you can make a kick-butt board game for the kiddies to play. You could make an All Aboard Pirate trivia game like I did here. Or you could make your own theme […]

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