Summer Fun for a Song (and by song I mean movie title)

26 Aug

Note:  Do you usually only get through the first paragraph of my rant before you move on to Awkward Family Photos? Stick with it til the end this time and find out how to win a Thriftfulness prize (don’t just scroll, I’ll know)!

Besides the thighs on hot vinyl conundrum (sticky thighs…it ain’t a bbq recipe), I love summer. The smell of the inside of tents, wild flowers and charred hot dogs. Bare and filthy feet. Icee pops by the bulk section boxload. And the best part about summer is that it’s free to be outside! There are so many fun things to do that don’t cost a chunk of hot sweaty change. And we’ve got to get our Summer Fun in while the gettin’ is good!  We don’t have much longer before it’s time to unpack the thick socks again.

If you’ve resorted to entertaining yourself by counting the grains of sand in your bathing suit, here are some cheap ideas for squeezing every last bit out of summer. Try some. And hurry. The warm weather’s almost gone and your mom is worried by how long you’ve been in the bathroom:

Cheap Thrills for Summer

1. Ride your bicycle and sing something really loud.

2. Schuck corn.

3. Make homemade beauty products like this cucumber-honey toner.

4. Read a classic. Can’t think of any? Check out Beowulf on the Beach by Jack Murnighan, a cheat sheet on the classics that are funny/sexy/thrilling enough to read on the beach.

5. Make popsicles out of anything you can get your hands on: Kool-Aid, whipped yogurt, rice pudding, whatever.

6.  Paint your toenails something funkay.

7. Listen to the radio. Listen to a Tigers game on the radio.

8. Swing.

9. Sidewalk chalk it up.

10. Mooch pools, rooftops, cabins, and trampolines off of friends and family.

11. Hang out on the hood of a car, preferably listening to Bob Seger.

12. Play cards on a picnic table.

13. Ask an older person about their most memorable summer.

14. Make Martha’s Seashell Soapdish.

15. Sweat.

16. Take advantage of Park & Read. Michiganders can pick up free day passes to state parks at their local library. At some libraries, you can even rent a hammock.

17. Take a shower in the evening and have someone braid your hair. Or braid someone’s hair for them. Before or after you do that, read this poem.

18. Take a walk just to take a walk. Don’t end up buying ice cream or recording your to-do list on your phone.

19. Make someone who knows guitar serenade you.

20. Watch cars. Alright, that’s not really thrilling to anyone else. But when I was younger, my cousins and I would sit on the porch and try to guess the color of the next car to pass. It was that summer we rented the same VHS tape from the local video store every week. Not a whole lot to do in my hometown.

If you’ve done all of the above and still don’t feel you’ve gotten your fill of summer, you’re not outta luck yet because I’ve got a gift for YOU dear reader!

I’ve made a Summer Fun Gift package to send out to 1 lucky reader. It includes:

  • A homemade version of the romping-good-time game my family made up, Song Game:
  • A summery scarf hobo bag:
  • A homemade friendship bracelet, made especially for you in the colors of a summer sky at twilight (dreamy):
  • A copy of Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury (definitely not as spooky as the cover implies):
  • A mixed CD, tailor made for summer nights spent sitting on your porch swing:
  • AND, a bee-you-tiful set of vintage plastic ice cream bowls that are cuter than cute and that I almost decided to keep for myself!:

All this for little old ME, you ask? That’s right…IF you can be the first reader to email me with the answer to the following question:

What is my favorite summer movie?

I won’t make it that difficult on you. I’ll give you 3 quotes from the movie. If you can be the first to email me at and tell me the answer, your favorite summer movie, and your address, I’ll send Summer Fun to you!

Here are the 3 quotes from my absolutely favorite summer flick. Try not to look them up on the internet, just for sport:

  • “Personally, I’d rather see a 46 inch bust singing Burnin’ Love.”
  • “I guess this means I met my first local” —– “You don’t know how local I am.”
  • “Oh yeah, well why don’t you go find yourself a spin cycle!”

Okay! The race is on! Remember the first to email me gets the gift! You can use the form below to send your answer. And siblings aren’t eligible. Sorry suckers!


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