S is for Hobo

29 Jul

S is for summer. For Sno-Cones and sandy beaches, sunny afternoons, Sting, and a sh#% ton of weddings, birthday parties, and reunions to attend. This time of year can fill up fast. It’s a particularly packed schedule for those of us in the Midwest who are trying to cram all of our outdoor social events into the Non-Snow months.

The amount of gift exchanges and bar tabs that go along with these festivities can really start to weigh on the wallet.  It’s this kind of bank account bludgeoning that makes us groan every time we see a fanciful invitation arrive in the mail. Sometimes, I just want to throw them in the Bills pile right next to the tear-stained student loan invoice.

Even so, before you go turning down bachelorette parties and anniversary barbecues, it might behoove you to look into some thrifty little gifts you can give to your beach house hostesses and class reunion organizers. But what can I make, you might ask, what small token of my gratitude could I possibly have the time and money to make amid all my summer parties, surfing, brooding, and love triangle-ing?

Well, Luke Perry, I just happen to have a fun little gift that’s cheap to give and quick to make and it’s appropriately called the Hobo Bag.

These bags, made out of silk scarves that you can get for less than $2.00 each at most thrift stores and grandmother’s closets, make a nice summery gift for the ladies in your life. They’re perfect to give to that hostess who invited you to  her cabin for the weekend, the co-worker who switched shifts with you so you could get the three day weekend to stay at the cabin, your mother-in-law who watched your kids so you could party at the cabin, the paramedic who came to your rescue when you got way too intense in the annual Beachin’ Hula Hoop contest…at the cabin.

To make one of these bags, you take a silk scarf of medium to large size. It doesn’t have to be huge but it can’t be tiny and it most certainly has to be square. I tried making one of these out of a pillow case and the rectangular shape plus the significant drool stains equaled GRODY.

Knot each corner of the scarf, leaving a tail after each knot (I tried to take pictures of the process but I was by myself, and the pics of me holding a knotted purse with my toes looked creepy, sorry foot fetishers). Then, tie another knot with the two tails on each side of the purse. Does that make sense? No? Here’s a video.

You can make small evening bags or huge beach bags depending on what size scarf you want to use.

I fit two beach towels, a book, and a bottle of Pepto Bismol in the purse you see above! If you’re going to a bachelorette party, you can make a dainty one to hold the edible underwear you bought the bride. Make a bag for your gym partner that’s big enough to hold her exercise mat and gross-sweaty-treadmil sanitizer. Make a funky 70s print hobo purse for your class president to thank her for remembering not to seat you next to that hosebeast you hated in high school. Or fill it with quarter-machine rings and costume jewelry and give it to a daughter/niecey poo/son/nephew who loves dress up.

This is an easy gift, a cheap gift, and a fun gift. And another great thing about it: your giftee can untie it and use it for other purposes. Impromptu picnic? Instant blanket! Last minute invite to the country club luncheon? On-the-spot ascot!Babysitting a messy eater? Strap a feedbag on the little buckaroo! Win! Win! Win!

Your friends and family will find themselves trendy AND prepared with the help of your thoughtful Hobo Bag, you clever thing you.

Oh wait, that’s me.


5 Responses to “S is for Hobo”

  1. Stephanie July 30, 2010 at 12:17 am #

    Ooh, I’m gonna try this! Thanks for the idea 🙂

  2. Michelle Becker September 17, 2010 at 3:03 pm #

    I LOVE this idea!!! I can’t wait to head to the local thrift shop and dig through the scarves!!

  3. Laura September 19, 2010 at 12:24 pm #

    This was such a great idea that I tried it several times. I always keep bandanas in my car and tied on my bike, because of their multiple uses. Now I also use em to carry things with on the spot made… hobo bags. Thanks for all your creative ideas….so smart!

  4. maggieesisco September 20, 2010 at 11:51 am #

    How creative and inventive.
    I love this blog, so glad I found it!!


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