I Wasn’t in Rehab: What I’ve Been Doing

22 Jun

Ok, I’ve been gone awhile. Just for your peace of mind, I wasn’t hospitalized or taken in on suspicious drug charges. I moved. Actually, I moved twice. And switched jobs, and had panic attacks, and made $200 from a garage sale!, and painted…and painted…and painted the new place. But no excuses here. I know I haven’t written, I haven’t called, but I promise I’ve been thinking about you. So grab a cup of whatever it is you’re drinking these days and let’s have a one-sided convo about just what I’ve been up to these past weeks.

1. New Homes for Ma’Junk:

A new place means new storage quandries and re-evaluating the common questions that come with moving: Why do I have four unopened tubs of hand salve? What’s hand salve for? Do I need two copies of  En Vogue’s Funky Divas? What if I want to listen to “Hip Hop Lover” in my kitchen and in my car? Na-na-naaaaa. Na na na na-na-na na!

2. Better Homes with Abandoned Gardens

All my home decorating stuff is crammed in a box labeled “Knick Knacks/Smelly Wax/ Give Your Home Some Sass” until we finish the dreaded painting (btw, painting isn’t nearly as much fun as it sounds, namely because of step-ladders, the areas behind toilets, and the high likelihood of swamp-ass) so beautifying the house has to be left up to nature. I’ve been taking walks every morning and picking something each time: sometimes I pick up trash, sometimes wandering vagrants, but mostly I visit the abandoned lot behind my apartment and pick the beautiful flowers you see above.

3. Eatin’

All this hard labor* makes me hungry! Since I’ve reorganized my cookbooks and recipes, I’ve rediscovered my “appetite” for cooking (ba-dum bum!).

Curried Spinach Yogurt Dip: HIT!

Refried Beans with Kraft Singles Cheese: MISS!

Tomato-White Bean Casserole: HIT!

Saltines that were left open in the same cupboard as some ripe bananas and have taken on that flavor with Peanut Butter: MISS!

My favorite dish so far has been the veggie bake above: basically whatever summer vegetables you have around, baked with butter and spices and bread crumbs. Super yum. I served it up with a little special of mine: Search & Scarf Strawberries. I like the strawbs plain, but to make it more dessert-y, I mix it up with some honey and a little bit of nutmeg and whatever else is in my kitchen. This week, it was dried cranberries and a kinda bruised-up plum. Sometimes, I add apple or cranberry juice to the sauce, sometimes chocolate syrup or even cayenne pepper!

Ok, so that’s what’s new with me. Now, what have you been up to? Uh-huh. Actually, I’ve gotta run. We’ll catch up soon for suuurre. And I’ll return that skirt/nail polish/En Vogue CD I borrowed pronto Tonto. Next time. For sho.

*Key: Hard Labor= picking flowers and filing construction paper by color


3 Responses to “I Wasn’t in Rehab: What I’ve Been Doing”

  1. Nancy Long June 23, 2010 at 3:26 pm #

    Are those rubber stamps in the top photo? I love rubber stamps! I have quite a few but I never use them. Looks like you have some fun ones. I especially like the one with the mixer.

  2. slocumro June 23, 2010 at 11:10 pm #

    Swamp-ass from painting? You should seriously look into hiring that out (the painting that is).

    • anniee June 26, 2010 at 12:38 pm #

      Yes, swamp ass. I never understood why people hired painters…until I painted…

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