A Future So Bright: Little Golden Lamp

13 Mar

This post is dedicated to all my lovely nieces and nephews, including Baby Still-In-The-Oven. I love you very much. Love, Your Favorite Aunt who dedicates posts to you and makes thoughtful homemade gifts and is the coolest and funniest and who will probably help you get away with something your parents wouldn’t approve of when you’re older… Favorite. Me. Tops.

As all the aunts and uncles out there know, the role of Favorite Relative is a coveted one. It takes a serious and complicated combination of charm, candy, and guilt to secure the spot.

In my  family, Favorite Aunt is a constant crusade and I’ll be the first to admit it can get dirty. I’ve secretly cut bigger slices of birthday cake, started whisper-campaigns about my sisters being “stinky” or “ucky”, and read bedtime stories until my mouth was so parched I could barely eek out the words: “Now…who’s …your…favorite?”

Nary a holiday has gone by without a niece of nephew stuck in a dining room chair, eyes darting from face to face to face to face to face while we each remind him or her how wonderful we are. Will their loyalties hold? Will they remember the pop bottle rocket you made with them last summer when they’re holding this spring’s sidewalk chalk in their grimy little hands? How quickly they forget. Oh, how quickly they forget.

This month, I’ve got a darling little baby girl niece coming my way and I’m not taking any chances. I’m fighting the good fight for MVA (Most Valuable Aunt) while she’s still in the womb. I decorated a lovely lamp for this newest addition so she’ll always know how bright her future can be when she elects Aunt Annie.

My sister loves the Little Golden Books illustrated by Eloise Wilkin and used some of the illustrations for decoration in the little one’s room. Sure these babes look good on a wall, but check them out on this $6 Ikea table lamp:

Okay, this is just a picture of the lamp, Before Decor. But I wanted you to see what I was working with. Here we go:

In the words of Little Stevie Wonder, isn’t she lovely? Wee Baby Newest Niece will bask in the soft light of this Little Golden Lamp while she forms her first thoughts in that little baby mind of hers. Thoughts like, My that’s a pleasant looking lamp. It looks like the pictures were painstakingly cut out and Mod-Podged on. And, Whomever made this wondrous lamp I doth declare my favorite aunt! And possibly, Ga ga goo goo. Gurgle. Fart. Contented Sigh.

Welcome to the world Baby Wee One. Love, Aunt Annie.


2 Responses to “A Future So Bright: Little Golden Lamp”

  1. Amy March 13, 2010 at 11:24 am #

    LOVE this one for many different reasons!! 5 stars, Annie!


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    […] “just lyin’ around”. Last spring, I Mod-Podged one for my sweet baby niece (see A Future So Bright). This spring, we decided to make one for… nobody, just for us. Really, you can’t give […]

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