The Cheap Sweets: Last Minute Valentines

13 Feb

Oscar Wilde said, “Who, being loved, is poor?“, which, looked at one way, is the whole point of this blog. However, reading this quote on the 12th of any given month, student loan check-writing day, a day of tear-smudged ink and boxed wine-smudged everything else, can give you a different perspective on love’s ability to pay the bills.

I feel the same ambiguity about the impending holiday. Valentines Day celebrates the buying of things. Chocolates, expensive dinners, jewelry, Plan B, all of these things cost $$$. Since I don’t agree with just buying up things that “mean” love rather than actually expressing love, I’ve got beef with V-Day. But since I abso-toot-ly LOVE paper valentines, the making and giving and kissing afterwards and all that, I decided to do a post on it anyway.

You know how I like ma’ themes, and this year, I decided to incorporate a song lyric into every Valentine, like-a this…

LOVE is all you need. Bua bua na na naaaaa (trumpet sound). And this…

And a-this one…

The outside reads: Winter, spring, summer or fall, all you’ve got to do…is call. Inside: You’ve got a friend. God bless Carole King.

I got a little more creative with this next one and sewed tiny hearts of thread into the cardstock:

On the inside, I poked the words “Love You” with a needle, which almost became “Love Hurts” because I poked myself so many dern times.

In all my poking around (pun intended) for stamps, markers, scrap yarn and the like, I came across an old Valentine I purchased at an antique store years back. It’s one of those ‘tines with a wheel on the back that you can move and the picture changes. But look closely at the only thing that actually moves when the wheel is turned:

Picture 1:

Picture 2:

No eyes! The chick on the left has her eyes roll back in her head! Amazing. A true statement on what love and freezing Arctic temperatures can do to a girl. It did give me the idea to make those moving picture Valentines, like the books I read as a kid, where you can turn a wheel and change the picture. I had everything on hand except one of those brass tacks or rivet things to attach the wheel to the card. So…resourceful challenge! I found some old earrings that had long ago lost their other half of and used those instead. Here’s what I came up with. Keep in mind, they’re first tries:

This one turned out a ti-ny bit dark for a Valentine. Looks like something someone from the “Depression Hurts” commercials might make. But I still liked the gist of it and my earring idea worked out so I tried again:

I took the John Denver classic, “Annie’s Song” and made it into a Valentine. The lyrics are, “You fill up my senses, like a night in a forest, like a mountain in springtime, like a walk in the rain, like a storm in the desert, like a sleepy blue ocean, you fill up my senses, come fill me again!” So I made the wheel pictures of all those things. Pret-ty clever on my part, I must say.

At the end of the evening I was out of Mod Podge and cardstock but I still wasn’t ready to give up my paper valentine frenzy. Scouring through the craft closet, I found these old pictures of phones I held onto from an address book I had a long time ago. They were the perfect size for making Valentines! So triumphant! I felt like bounding out of the craft closet and slashing a letter in the air like Zorro, only this time it would be an “H” for Hoarders. I’m so glad I keep crap like this!:

Valentine on the left: inspired by Motor City’s Marvelettes and their song that goes, “Beechwood 45789, you can call me up and have a date, any old time”. Valentine on the right: inspired by Blondie’s “Call Me”. These are my favorites!

8 little Valentines for $0. Now which one should I send to the bill collector?


4 Responses to “The Cheap Sweets: Last Minute Valentines”

  1. Mod Podge Amy February 14, 2010 at 8:13 am #

    These are SO GOOD. I love your blog!

    • anniee February 14, 2010 at 11:38 am #

      Thanks so much!

  2. Mom February 14, 2010 at 8:44 am #

    Loved it! And Happy Valentines Day to you!!!!


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