Thriftful New Year’s Resolutions

8 Jan

You did it. You made it through 2009, swine flu, unemployment rates and the staggering blow of the Susan Sarandon/Tim Robbins split be damned. You survived. Welcome to 2010.

Maybe you made some resolutions for the new year, maybe you didn’t. Maybe, like me, you already broke some. I hate to pile more on your proverbial plate, but there are some things I think you may have missed. On that whole page of promises, packed between the sleep betters, eat betters, do mores, and make mores, did you maybe skip over a little ol’ resolution to be thriftier and more thoughtful? Hmmmm? As Data from Goonies would say, “Shame, shame, you know your name!”

Don’t panic, though. 2010 isn’t a total wash yet. You can borrow some of my resolutions to be thriftful and start this decade off right (thank me later):

  • Pay more attention to packaging. As in what my food and shoes and hilarious ice cube trays come in. Since another resolution of mine was to finally start recycling, I’ve been noticing all of the great packaging I get rid of without thinking about their potential as a sloppy second: an old spaghetti jar repurposed as a terrarium, twisties that tie the back of toys onto the box so tightly that the child receiving the toy breaks out in tears and pees their pants before you can unleash said toy saved for twisting up un-used portions of frozen veggies or bundling loose wires up for a tidier electrical outlet, the styrofoam casing from my sewing machine that looks exactly like a miniature inside of a railcar diner used as a…
  • Make a diorama. I’ve wanted to make a really awesome diorama since I was about seven years old and I’ve yet to accomplish this task. In 2009, I even went so far as to collect junk I thought looked like tiny versions of something else. 2010 is the Year of the Diorama as far as I’m concerned.
  • Draw. While I’m thinking about stuff I wanted to do when I was seven, I used to be pretty good at drawing and I don’t do it so much anymore. It’s fun to take up old habits again, even if I’m a bit rusty.
  • Organize my collage supplies. Armed with an accordian folder, some scissors, and numerous Band-Aids (for paper-cuts, it’s a dangerous job) I plan to organize my crafting supplies but, more specifically, all the posters, clippings and ripped up old books I save to make collages, cards, and various other paper goodies. The big bear here is figuring out a way to catalog about a million tiny pictures. By size? Subject? Quirkiness?
  • Pack more lunches. This is thrifty, right? I’m not saying eat brown-bag EVERY day, but simply packing a lunch more often than I already do seems attainable. Today, this means an orange, guacamole flavored chips, and a candy cane. Tomorrow, who knows?
  • Finish my Thriftfulness book proposal so I can send it out (this one is mine alone, but I’ll take any help I can get).

Here’s hoping we can all make 2010 count.


2 Responses to “Thriftful New Year’s Resolutions”

  1. WhiteCollarBoy March 20, 2013 at 1:51 pm #

    Somehow this got updated on my Google Reader under the date March 14, 2013. I don’t even remember 2010, but I sincerely doubt that I made in dioramas that year. My loss!


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    […] summer road-trip buddy: a little pre-road trip preparation. While organizing my collage materials (Thrifty New Year’s Resolution. Check.) into categories such as Buildings and Objects, Animals and People, Retro, and Nature-y, I […]

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