Man Gift Series: Sam Malone’s Bar Tray

29 Dec

Holiday parties are wrapping up and your bank account and creativity brain cells have all been emptied coming up with awesome family gift ideas and a new spin on chip dip for the Office Holiday Potluck (don’t worry, their standards are low since you’ve been bringing cups and napkins the past two years). Then, just as you’re sitting down to relax and reflect on your year, it creeps up on you: you forgot to get someone a present. Maybe you accidentally skipped your brother-in-law, forgot about your hairdresser, or received an unexpected gift from the guy that lives across the hall and feel obligated to reciprocate. But your joyful giving spirit has departed and now you’re scrambling through your closet trying to find a board game without missing pieces that you can wrap up. This is where I come in.

When you think about it, one gift everyone needs after the holidays is a drink. And since it’s December 29, they’ve probably already lined up all of the booze they plan to consume in the coming days. But what they don’t have is a dandy tray to serve that hootch on.

A homemade drink tray is a good gift for a man or a woman, but I made this one particularly manly because I found an unopened James Dean puzzle at one of my favorite thrift stores, Lenny and Me. I also found the accompanying awesome school lunch tray. After several long days spent trying to put a flesh colored puzzle together, I Mod Podged that beautiful mug onto the tray and broke up an old scratched 45 record to serve as super boss coasters:

Brandy Alexander anyone? Even though the original Rebel Without a Cause is on the tray, my real inspiration for this tray was Sam Malone of Cheers.

Remember this guy? He was my very first crush and, even though he’s a recovering alcoholic, you know he’s entertaining the ladies when he gets back to that bachelor pad of his. Him and Diane could get in a flirtatious bickering match over this tray. Diane could talk about her position on Dean’s ambiguous sexual orientation and Sam could make a joke about the words sexual and position. Man, I wish that show was still on the air…

Until the next Nick at Nite rerun, I suppose. Stay tuned for a post about whatever I decide to make out of the rest of that puzzle…


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