B & E is for Lovers

8 Sep

So, the CD player for my car is in the trunk which stinks because I don’t remember to put new music in and then I have to listen to same Beyonce mix or the same Dolly Parton song or the same “sad bastard” music I was in the mood to listen to last week but now find annoying.

Wouldn’t it be nice, I thought, if I had someone to carry out this task for me? Wouldn’t it feel lovely to rush out of the house all flustered and tired and out of coffee and late and then to start my car and have “Rise and Shine” by the Cardigans playing? Or better yet, after work, even more tired and flustered and coffee-maxed and getting in and hearing “Obvious Child” by Paul Simon? This is what got me thinking that leaving a great song for someone to hear while they drive would be a stupendous way to show you care.

Breaking into someone’s car and messing with their stereo wouldn’t really classify as a gift, just an act of kindness. Please don’t go around skipping your girlfriend’s birthday present because you put an awesome mixed CD in her car “that one time”. But it would go a long way to make someone feel better and it would be surprising, which is the best kind of nice thing.

To carry this kind act out, you must make sure you know the person well enough to have access to their car keys; but more importantly you should have a relationship that permits such an invasion. Parents and their children, spouses, BFFs…that sorta thing. If you don’t know their daily routine, this is probably a creepy thing for you to do. If you do know their routine but they don’t know you know their routine, we are chartering even creepier territory, stalker. Please stop reading this at once, climb down from your tree and take yourself and your binoculars on home.

Next, pick out some awesome tunes and make a mixed CD or i-Pod mix or even a mixed tape. But don’t just put your own favorite songs on there. Really think about what the person you’re doing this for likes and where they are going to be headed in that rusty ol’ jalopy of theirs. Are they driving home from a job that sucks the life out of them? Throw on some songs that will energize them. Do they check in on an aging parent weekly? Put a comforting mix together, one that will help them remember they’re not alone or might even let them cry a little on the drive back. Are they coming home to you? Make a mix of songs that conveys how excited you are to see them. I would steer clear of putting your own voice on the compilation. After an unfortunate talking teddy bear incident of which I shall speak no more, mushy confessions of love on a recording give me the willies. But you’re your own person, so I’ll leave that choice up to you.

The last part is the fun part: find some excuse to get into their car without them noticing (helping carry the groceries for once would be helpful) and set up said musical stylings so that the tunes take off when the car does. In my vehicle this just means making sure the radio is on and set to CD. Test it out first to be sure. It probably goes without saying that you can do this for commuters and travelers who don’t have cars. Just get a hold of their i-Pod or tape deck and load up a new playlist so that your loved one can hear great tunes on the morning bus ride or evening bike errand.

It’s surprising how much a little thing can change a person’s mood. If you’re not musically inclined, you could try leaving a note on the windshield (as long as it’s not too dirty, the note that is) or leaving a cupcake on the front seat (as long as it’s not too hot, the weather that is). You’ll know if your friend or parent or sweetheart is smiling when they get home that you did a good thing. If they are fuming about the invasion of their privacy or because you forgot to lock their car back up, then you didn’t hear this silly idea from me and this post will self-destruct.

In 5…4…3…


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