Carole King Medley Included: Rainy Day Box

30 Apr

If your mom was a cool as mine was, she kept a little shoe box under the bed or stuffed away in some closet and ONLY brought it out on really rainy spring days when you couldn’t play outside and were absolutely bored out of your mind. That’s the beauty of the Rainy Day Box: You forget about it until someone reminds you it’s there and then you feel like you’ve found 20 bucks in last year’s winter coat. This is a great gift for kids because kids should always have some magic and fun in their lives, especially on rainy days. But it’s also a really thoughtful gift for your spouse or partner to pull out on really gray boring days or to take along when you go on vacation with a group of friends just in case you get snowed in, rained in or hungover’d-in.

A few rules for creating the Rainy Day Box: Decorate the box, it doesn’t have to be anything special but it MUST be covered in construction paper, tissue paper, or tinfoil/ DON’T bring it out until it’s needed, otherwise it will get old/ And last but not least: serve it with grilled cheese and soup.

Here are some ideas for Rainy Day Box stuffings, although I suggest making it all your own:

For Kids:

  • Construction paper crowns (laminated if possible) and costume jewelry. No reason to dress drab just because of the weather
  • Tootsie Rolls or a special candy, replace with a new bag every time you put the box back
  • A book of “scary” stories. This should be an old book so it has a magical feel. Check out your local library booksale. You could also write down scary stories of your own. Make sure and make them age appropriate. A good example of a story that feels scary but won’t cause any pee-pants is The Pink Jellybean, popular among boy-scouts and 4-Hers alike.
  • An old sheet that is used for indoor picnics only
  • Play-Doh
  • A recipe for Mud Pie, which you can then make (basically chocolate pudding, Oreos, and gummy worms). If you don’t have that stuff in the house, make a game out of cooking something from what you can find in the kitchen and let the kids pick. My parents called it “Search and Scarf”. It was really, “We can’t afford groceries this week and scarf”
  • Oragami paper and instructions. Make paper crane garland or hang your creations around the house.
  • Secret decoder pictures: You know when people use a picture of an eye for “I” and so on. Make different ones for every time you open the box or don’t let them open the box until they decode the message.
  • A board game that you only play on rainy days
  • A songbook
  • A story you and/or the kids have written that you add to every time you open the box.

For Adults:

  • Dandelions or paper flowers if you’re not comfortable with weeds.
  • A mixed tape with old songs from when you were a kid or college or whatever suits you. Preferably dance music.
  • Spring-like essential oil that you can burn. Think lilacs, fresh soap, tomato vine.
  • A deck of cards, preferably with naked people or funny phrases on them so they’re “rainy day” special!
  • A movie that every time you watch you think, “I forgot how great this is!” I like to watch the movie Clue on rainy days or Casablanca if I’m not in a funny mood.
  • An old board game from your youth. Sorry or MouseTrap. You can also create your own game. Try my family classic, The Song Game.
  • A book of short stories. This is especially great if you’re making the box for a sweetheart so you can hang out inside and read to each other. I suggest the collection My Mistress’s Sparrow is Dead: Great Love Stories from Chekov to Munro edited by Jeffrey Eugenides. Other good ones are The Collected Stories of Grace Paley and anything by David Sedaris.
  • Little bottles of booze
  • A Oujia board
  • Old photos or old drawings so you can reminisce on a rainy day.

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