The Gift of…Lists

26 Apr

Sounds a little half-baked, I know. But there is a lot of STUFF out there. Hilarious videos, epic novels, and dirty jokes galore. Sometimes just listing them and letting someone know they exist is a gift in itself. Lists can be tailored to anyone in any situation:

·Booklovers: Find out what their favorite book is and make a list of similar books they might enjoy. Your local librarian would be happy to help you with this or you could visit for assistance.

·Sickies: People on bedrest for pregnancies or stuck in the house with a cold are going to get sick of daytime television. Give them a list of funny websites ( or YouTube are good starters). Or you could try giving a list of jokes, quotes you’ve recently overheard, or laugh-out-loud embarrassing moments you’ve experienced (channel your inner teen-girl for this list).

·Health Nuts and New Dieters: Make a list of the most nutrition-packed foods, find juicing recipes, or paste together a list of exercise routines clipped from magazines (make sure to write funny captions on these or the list will be incomplete).

·Pop Culture Vultures: Page through a tabloid at the grocery store and make a list of celebrity couple status updates. You could also make a list of obscure indie-rock bands for them to reference at parties when the conversation lulls.

·Guy You Can’t Gross Out: Everyone has a dirty joke friend. I have several. Scour the web and other resources to find the grossest stories and jokes and see if you can out-sick their sick mind.

If you’re handwriting is legible, try and write out the list instead of typing for a more intimate feel. Make sure to embellish your list with stamps and stickers of cats if possible.


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